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Computers with new names in the AskCody Add-ins and system emails
Cecilie Als Feb 11, 2021 1 min read

New names now available in Add-ins and System E-mails

As a follow-up on the previous post about new names across the Platform, we are now releasing the second step in the project of streamlining the AskCody Platform so it becomes easier to understand and more simple to navigate. 

Today, we are changing the wording in our 3 AskCody Add-ins for Outlook and all system e-mails sent from AskCody. With this second step released the whole Platform is aligned and updated with the new names. You can see all the names in this article.

Below you can see some of the changes and their impact on the Platform:

Name-Changes-UX-overhaul-Add-inThe image above shows some of the changes in the AskCody Services Add-in. The new names and wording are marked with red

Name-Changes-UX-overhaul-Services-emailsThe image above shows some of the changes in the AskCody Services e-mails. The new names and wording are marked with red.

What to do now?

  • If your organization has not already redeployed your AskCody Add-ins for Outlook yet, I will recommend you to do so! December 15th, 2020, we communicated that the old Add-ins no longer would be supported by AskCody, which means we cannot guarantee the reliability and the security of the old Add-ins.
    By redeploying the Add-ins you will get a more secure version with the new icons, names, and wording, and you will get Add-ins that do not differentiate from the naming across the rest of the Platform. 

  • If you have end-user onboarding material created based on the old names, wording, and icons of the Platform, I recommend updating your material. 
    You can see all the new names in this article.


Cecilie Als

Product Communication Lead, AskCody. Cecilie works with in-app guidance and informs customers about product updates. She is furthermore responsible for overseeing our Help Center.