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Cecilie AlsJul 15, 20211 min read

Updates to License Management in AskCody Portal

In the past months we have been rolling out multiple smaller updates and minor changes to the Admin Center in the AskCody Portal to improve usability, overview, ease of use, navigation, and provide more transparency about licenses and consumption. All these updates help Admin users manage the AskCody Account easier and streamlines licensing. 

Watch the video to see the improvements or read the whole post to learn more details.


  • Improved license overview on the Account page
    We've made it easier to see your number of Valid licenses (licenses purchased and available in your subscription), Assigned licenses (licenses assigned to a calendar), and how many remaining licenses you have available. If the delta is negative we'll update your subscription and send you an invoice.

  • A clear license status when adding a new calendar
    We have included an information box to inform you about the conditions of adding a new calendar to your account. Furthermore, a simple box with the license status is added to make it more clear how many licenses you have left.

  • Agree to Terms of using an additional calendar license
    When adding a new calendar to your account you now have to click a check-box to agree to the Terms of adding an additional calendar license. This means one more Assigned license will be added to the license status, and the remaining licenses will go down by one. This is to make sure no calendar is accidentally added with no assignment of a license.

  • A log of changes on the calendars
    We've added a changelog to all the calendars, showing when a calendar was created (and assigned a license), who added it, and when and who changed it.


Cecilie Als

Product Communication Lead, AskCody.