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Cecilie AlsDec 22, 20201 min read

AskCody Platform: New Names, Icons, and Streamlined Navigation

We are working on a large project of streamlining the AskCody Platform so it becomes easier to understand and more simple to navigate. Furthermore, the Platform will be filled with a ton of new functions and views when the project is finished. 

The first milestone in this project is changing the names across the whole Platform including both the Portal, Add-ins, and the Mobile App. The new names are easier to understand because they now reflect the tasks performed by the users of the Platform. 

The three major changes in this first part of the project: 

  • New Module names
  • New names of core features
  • New icons for the three AskCody Add-ins

New Module names

We have changed the names of our Modules to be more relatable to the actual function the Module provides. 

  • Welcome+ to Visitors
  • Meeting+ to Services
  • Workplace to Bookings
  • Today+ to Displays
  • ActivityView to Dashboards
  • ... See all

New names of core features

Based upon the new Module names a few core features in the Portal has changed as well. These changes have been made to secure consistency and ease the understanding of the feature. 

  • License Overview to Account
  • Connections to Integrations
  • Configurations to Templates
  • Tax Fields to Custom Properties
  • Check-in Screen to Check-in Kiosk
  • Delivery Provider to Service Provider
  • Delivery to Request
  • ... See all

New icons for the three AskCody Add-ins

We have changes the icons for all three of the AskCody Add-ins for Microsoft. The icons have been simplified so they are in direct relation to the new Module names, by representing the first letter of the Module name. Furthermore, all three icons have gotten a brand related color to be easier recognized in the Outlook ribbon. 




Cecilie Als

Product Communication Lead, AskCody.