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Cecilie AlsMay 12, 20231 min read

Introducing Compact View and Service Request Link

I want to share some exciting news with you about the latest addition to the AskCody platform, Workplace Central. Managing meetings in many meeting rooms across many locations is tough, and then adding keeping track of catering and additional services for those meetings takes the complexity to another level.

With the two new updates for Workplace Central, you will be able to fit even more meeting rooms in your overview and let you access service requests directly from the meeting card. 

Please read along and watch a video to see how.  

The compact view 

First, we're introducing a new compact view that will make managing more prominent locations even easier. This view shows more rooms and provides a better overview, making managing multiple meetings in one place more accessible.

What we have done is make the columns of meeting rooms smaller in the overview, and the rooms without meetings are even smaller. This allows you to fit in more rooms in the overview, giving you more space to focus on the meetings that matter most.

... we also added a collapse button, next to "Bookings" you will see two small arrows in the side menu. Click on these arrows, and the side menu will collapse, giving you even more space. Watch the video to get a quick tour.


Service request link

We've also added a direct link to edit a service request on the meeting card. This means you can easily edit service requests with just a few clicks without opening the Outlook Add-in, saving you many clicks. Now you can manage everything related to your meetings in one convenient place, saving you time, clicks, and hassle.

Watch our Product Manager, David, explain the new "Service request link" feature below. 

*Notice that it requires a specific set of permissions to access the service request link.

I hope you will check out the new compact view and direct service request links in Workplace Central and let me know what you think!




Cecilie Als

Product Communication Lead, AskCody.