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Abandoned meeting

What is an abandoned meeting?

Abandoned meetings, also known as no-show or ghost meetings, refer to scheduled gatherings in meeting rooms that end up being completely unattended. This behavior can negatively impact workplace culture, waste available meeting spaces, and potentially be costly. Abandoned meetings can occur due to poor scheduling practices or a lack of a meeting management system. In the latter case, the meeting reservation may be canceled or the location may change, but the calendar is not updated, resulting in an unused meeting room.

To prevent abandoned meetings, companies can implement advanced meeting management solutions that allow for the release of meeting rooms at set time intervals, ensuring that unused meeting spaces are made available for those who need them. This approach improves the overall utilization of workspace and can also positively impact workplace culture by encouraging responsible meeting scheduling practices. By addressing the issue of abandoned meetings, companies can optimize their resources and create a more efficient and productive workplace environment.


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