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Bas van WijkMar 1, 20241 min read

Reschedule with confidence in Workplace Central

We have now improved your ability to manage and reschedule meetings in Workplace Central; here are 3-ways to make rescheduling more straightforward and predictable.


1. Reschedule with confidence

When you have many rooms in your view and need to move a meeting to another room while keeping the exact timing, it is easy to lose track of where the meeting was placed timewise.

Therefore, you can now rely on a dotted precision line indicating the original meeting start time to guide you better when dragging a meeting to another room. This will increase your confidence and help you place the meeting at the same time, just in a different meeting room.

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2. Check, check, double-check!

When developing Workplace Central, we underestimated how essential it is for you to receive confirmation of your changes and have a chance to roll them back when rescheduling meetings without your attendees receiving unnecessary notifications. So, now, after “dropping” your rescheduled meeting, you will see a pop-up confirming the room and time, and you will get a chance to roll it back if needed.

Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 10.53.22


3. Contact a meeting organizer

You’d be rich if you could get a dollar for every time you need to reach out to a meeting organizer about changes, preparation, or coordination around meetings.
So now we have made it possible to send an email or start a Teams chat directly from the meeting in Workplace Central. So you can contact the meeting organizer with updates and changes within seconds.

Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 12.59.59


More of you are using Workplace Central, and you use it more than ever. It is generating loads of usage data, and together with your feedback, we´re using this to prioritize further development. So please keep the feedback coming so we can continue to work on adding to your Certainty, Confidence, and Control.

Try for yourself --> 


Bas van Wijk

Marketing Director, AskCody. Works with improving workplace experiences and limiting friction for meeting stakeholders. Bas has large experience in inbound marketing, demand generation, and customer relationship management.