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Andreas Rahbek Nov 30, 2021 2 min read

New Modern & VSTO add-ins for Outlook - download here

The new AskCody Outlook add-ins will be released in January 2022. If you want to get a glimpse of the new icons or use them in your own training material - you can download our icons right here. 

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3 Ways The New Add-in Design Creates Value

We recently mentioned in the product update: Modern & VSTO add-ins update in January 2022 that the AskCody add-ins will be updated. We believe the new add-ins will create a better experience for the end-users of AskCody. Here are 3 ways the new add-in design will create value for our users. 


1. Align the visual icons across Modern & VSTO 

One of the main reasons for the new icons is to create a similar design on Modern & VSTO add-in. This will reduce confusion for users switching from VSTO to Modern. The goal is to create an easy and seamless experience no matter how AskCody is used. 


2. Master the Dark Mode

Another reason for the new icon design is to create a stand-out visual for both the regular browser view and the dark mode. Some users prefer a dark "Tim Burton'ish" experience when using Microsoft Outlook. We will embrace this wish and make it easier for users to find our icons in the dark. 


3. Stay Updated For Upcoming Releases

We are constantly working to improve our platform and make adjustments to enhance the user experience. By redeploying the AskCody add-ins in January 2022 and staying updated with the latest release you'll get the most of your AskCody platform.


Andreas Rahbek

Product Marketing Specialist, AskCody