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Allan, Karen, Børsen,
Steffen MørchJan 6, 20191 min read

AskCody in the news; a unique approach to building company culture

On November 8th, 2018 Danish business Newspaper Børsen published a story about AskCody workplace culture. In this interview you can read AskCody's approach to hiring and building our organization. It began:

In AskCody it is the human that is in focus. Resumé and experience is thrown out the window, and instead it is a philosophic mindset that drives the recruitment process and the everyday life at the AskCody office. 

Børsen artikelNewspaper clipping from Danish Newspaper Børsen

In the article both CEO&Founder Allan Mørch and Karen Højmark, COO, at AskCody explains what they are looking for in candidates and why. In the interview Karen Højmark describes:

"..There are so many right and wrong choices in life - and it all depends on making a prioritized one. The choices our employees make, is helping define them, but also their workplace AskCody. In the end the company is its people. Therefore, we start the recruitment process by figuring out who a person is."

Karen- Karen Højmark, COO, AskCody

So how do we figure that out and what are we looking for in the interview?

Curiosity, intelligence, hunger for new information, work ethics, 
and people who can give and receive constructive feedback.
We look for those exact features so we can create a workplace where the team and corporation is a unity. We aim to maintain a workplace behavior that encourages collaboration, teamwork, self improvement. We believe it would damage the culture to hire people who do not have the traits that resonate with our company values. It means that some of the candidates that are often high on the wishlist for other companies might not necessarily be the ones AskCody is looking for. Thus, it happens that top candidates are turned down if they are not matching the company culture, because we want to recruit people that will find it meaningful to work at AskCody.

Good people create great results and their DNA is AskCody's DNA and our employees are our greatest asset. We are proud of that company culture and that is has been noticed.

You can read the whole story by journalist Andrea Philipsen in Danish here.



Steffen Mørch

CSO and Co-Founder, AskCody. Steffen helps organizations improve their meeting procedures towards scalable and cloud-based solutions.