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What is pod?

For one or two persons, a compact, self-contained, soundproofed, modular area build for privacy and focus. Workers can enter pods for phone calls, quick in-person or virtual meetings, or solo productivity sessions. They're the equivalent of a hotel room with a "Do not disturb" sign on the doorway at work. It's also known as a "concentration room."

PODs, also known as "privacy pods" or "concentration rooms," are self-contained, modular areas designed for one or two people to work in isolation. These small, soundproofed spaces provide employees with a quiet and private area to focus on tasks that require high levels of concentration.


PODs have become increasingly popular in modern workplaces as open-plan designs have become the norm. They provide employees with a break from the hustle and bustle of the open office, allowing them to escape distractions and find a peaceful environment to work in.

One of the key benefits of PODs is that they are versatile in their use. Workers can enter PODs for phone calls, quick in-person or virtual meetings, or solo productivity sessions. The modular design also means that PODs can be quickly and easily reconfigured to suit the needs of different tasks or teams.

Moreover, PODs can be an effective solution for companies that require a flexible workspace. They can be installed in any office space and moved around as needed, making them a perfect solution for businesses that need to adapt to changing work environments or project needs.

In addition to providing a quiet and private area for work, PODs can also improve employee wellbeing by reducing stress levels and fatigue. By providing employees with a peaceful and comfortable environment, they can recharge and be more productive, ultimately leading to better job satisfaction and mental health.

Overall, PODs are an excellent solution for companies that require private workspaces for employees. They offer a versatile and flexible design that can be customized to suit different needs and can improve productivity and employee wellbeing.


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