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Tina Eaton Oct 15, 2019 1 min read

Infographic: Millennials vs. Gen Z in The Workplace

For years, Millenials have been the butt of the joke—the slackers and the entitled basement-dwellers.

But the truth is, of course, that the generation is far more complex than pop culture would lead us to believe.

And now, just like every generation before them, Millennials are growing up, buying homes (guess they didn’t all spend their down payments on avocado toast!), having kids, and moving into management roles at work.

So when it comes to the modern workplace, employers have a new challenge on their hands—the wants, needs, and skills of the new kids in town: Generation Z.

Born between 1997 and 2012, people in Generation Z have different knowledge, technological capabilities, experience, and workplace expectations than the generations that came before them—which is why it’s vitally important that employers understand these differences and what they can do to attract and retain the freshest talent on the market.

Millennials vs. Gen Z in The Workplace



Tina Eaton

Freelance Content Marketing Writer