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The Best-of-Class Meeting Management Platform for Driving Meeting Efficiency

AskCody is a Meeting Management and Resource Scheduling Platform that’s driving meeting efficiency through advanced room booking (like locations, rooms, and equipment), meeting services (like catering and facilities), visitor management, and workplace insights analytics. All in one package helping your organization and employees manage meetings smarter.

The outcome is pure and precious: Better organized meetings and less time used to organize these meetings.

The AskCody SaaS Platform is helping your organization to increase meeting efficiency and raise office productivity by removing excess friction in:

Workplace Scheduling and Room Booking

Managing Meeting Services

Visitor Management

Workplace Management and Analytics

Through the user-friendly front-end and enterprise-grade backbone, AskCody is driving massive efficiencies through a modern solution than what was historically done with manual processes or a handful of point solutions.

AskCody sees meetings as what they are: people meeting as well as people serving those meetings. We do that with a platform that interfaces with all the people involved.

The platform provides employees with the room and the amenities they need taking friction out of room scheduling while empowering all back-office service and support units with the tools and features they need to support and manage meetings.

That way, the AskCody Platform is driving and optimizing operational efficiency and productivity transforming the way Office Managers, Facilities Managers, Concierge Services, Receptionists, Kitchen Staff, Service Providers, IT and Finance work, and support back-office users and staff in our selected organizations and verticals to work smarter, supporting every meeting in the organization.

A flexible environment with the right management tools is the key to future success in today's modern workplace. With our Modern Workplace Platform we are giving people and organizations the ability to win back lost productivity while reducing office friction

AskCody is the only Meeting Management and Resource Scheduling platform running directly on Microsoft technology, thereby leveraging the scale and power of Microsoft Azure. The platform is GDPR and ISAE 3000 compliant. It is secure, reliable, and scalable, and lives integrated with your existing Outlook or Microsoft 365 calendars and Active Directory identity and user management system.

The AskCody platform keeps the IT infrastructure of your company integrated, letting the IT department stay in control, and keeping the data backbone clean.

With AskCody, your organization stay in control, get complete clarity, and consistency with your meeting management processes across the workplace. The platform enables the connected workplace, giving employees the tools they need to stay in control of their workday and manage meetings effortlessly.

We provide AskCody as a SaaS platform. The platform is continually improved with new features, meaning that all customers benefit from the power of the many daily users of the platform.



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