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Return to office post Covid-19

Is it the faint smell of coffee, the white noise of colleagues slamming away on their keyboards, or a chat at the coffee machine... what do we miss the most about the office? Definitely not the the challenge of finding a parking spot... or traffic.... Maybe not surprisingly, after a year of social isolation, recent studies have shown that what we miss most about the office is the people, our colleagues. Yes, also the one firing bad dad-jokes all the time or the one that is always 5 minutes late for meetings. We look forward meeting all of them again, it is top of mind and discussed nearly every time we interact with our customers.

The Future of Workspace Through the Eyes of the Employees

What are employees' expectations and preferences, and what to consider as employers plan to return to the office?

With the global pandemic forcing countries to lockdown and companies to enforce work from home policies, companies realize that the way we work will drastically change long term. The corporate mindset was already shifting, but the pandemic has hastened the realization that work is not somewhere we go but something we do. The crisis accelerates the transformation of work at an incredible pace toward a hybrid work ecosystem, shifting expectations of a liquid workforce who want to continue working from home regularly post-crisis.

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