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The ILTA>ON 2020 Conference Takeaways

This year's ILTACON (even the name was changed) was a different conference compared to earlier years. If you have been used to attending a conference to participate in engaging keynotes and breakout sessions and come back with new ideas and inspiration for what you need to do when you're coming back – this year was a dramatically different conference and digital transformation in law firms and the legal industry was at the center.


Client and case confidentiality is a key tenet of any law firm. The privilege of confidentiality fosters trust between attorneys and clients. Duties related to confidentiality, such as the attorney-client-privilege, assure clients are open and honest with their representation so lawyers can provide the best advice.

The challenges of complete confidentiality abound both outside and inside of the office. Attorneys, of course, know not to discuss sensitive or privileged information regarding clients or cases in public places. However, the offices, conference rooms, hallways, and reception desks of the firm are all also hot beds for potential information leaks.

There are three key steps law firms can take to ensure total client confidentiality in every corner of the firm.

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