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exchange integration 15.07.22

Integration with Microsoft Exchange

How does AskCody integrate with Microsoft Exchange? Get all the answers here. 
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Microsoft Exchange integration


Microsoft Exchange is used to share data between Microsoft products and third-party applications. You might not realize this, but every time you send a Teams meeting invite or book a meeting room through Outlook, all the information is shared through Microsoft Exchange Web Services (EWS).
The AskCody Platform is built using Exchange Web Services Managed API. This is why, AskCody an intelligent layer to your Microsoft infrastructure that can share data natively with all Exchange based software: Teams, Outlook, Power-Bi, etc.
The synergy between AskCody software and Microsoft 365 provides a seamless meeting management process, as the two platforms work smoothly together without complicating the work experience.


Exchange 2019-1-1


Future of Microsoft Intelligence


The AskCody Exchange integration ensures a single source of truth with all meeting and workplace data going through Exchange Web Services. To keep our tight integration with Microsoft, we are working to integrate with Microsoft Graph.
This will be a gradual transition with EWS still being the foundation, while development inside Graph will ensure the future gateway for intelligence and data in Microsoft 365. This will ensure future innovation for the AskCody Platform and an even better integration to leverage Microsoft 365.
Want to track the progress of our Microsoft Graph integration?
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Single Source of Truth

Single Source of Truth

The Exchange integration ensures a single source of truth with all meeting data going through Exchange Web Services. This means AskCody has zero synchronization issues and does not mess up Outlook performance.


Maximize Microsoft

Maximize Microsoft

Use your entire Microsoft 365 to the fullest. Because AskCody has a tight integration to Exchange, it natively interacts with your Microsoft Suite.

happy young business people group have  meeting at conference room and argue about new ideas and plans

Fast Time to Value

Fast Time to Value

You can setup your Microsoft 365 environment as you wish and use AskCody to provide more value to your existing IT infrastructure. This means fast time to value, because we leverage your existing Exchange setup.

Native to Microsoft 365


Teams, Outlook, and Power-Bi are all harnessing data from Exchange. Because of that AskCody can process and manage workplace data from these Microsoft apps. Our end-users can use the functions of Outlook and Teams as a result of the powerful support of Microsoft Exchange. Exchange is where your business connects with our platform, so you can access and unlock all the features and services we offer. You will have control over all your facilities and information, manage meetings and schedule resources.

The AskCody Architecture Cloud

High-level architecture of AskCody

This is because AskCody is directly integrated to Microsoft - meaning it is solely cloud-based and, most importantly, it is built on Exchange Web Services. Consequently, you can easily take advantage of all the functions in Outlook and Teams, with which AskCody interacts natively.

"I LOVE that AskCody is integrated with Outlook. It makes reserving, editing and canceling reservations so quick and easy. The interface is very easy to use and is so customizable to our needs. I love that we can make it our own and customize our rooms, vendors, and services from the Admin side. From the user perspective I love how quick and easy it is to make a reservation and to filter room options down to the elements that I need for any given meeting. It is very customizable and adaptable based on the size, location, and technology that I need for room reservation which is great especially since we have conference rooms in multiple offices."
Shayla Moore
Shaley MTraining Coordinator
Which products synergize with Microsoft Exchange?


Accessing facilities, managing, and booking meetings in Outlook is assisted by Microsoft Exchange. It provides fast, clean, and powerful connection that enables efficiency and productivity for our users. Your company can safely store resources, and user data and credentials in Exchange. Consequently, due to the tight connection with AskCody bookings (B), service (S), and visitor (V) add-ins in Outlook all workers can manage their meeting and emails. Without messing up Outlook performance.

Booking a meeting in Outlook with the AskCody add-ins is immediately visible on AskCody Room Displays and meeting Dashboards, as well as your personal calendar. All facilitated by the synergy with Microsoft Exchange. Thus, workplace productivity and communication are alleviated, and workers have access to an outline of office activities anywhere, anytime. 

For more information visit AskCody Outlook Ad-ins - Bookings, Services, Visitor Management.


Which products synergize with Microsoft Exchange?


With the AskCody Mobile App you can easily readjust your meeting details and check your email correspondence on-the-go. The AskCody platform accompanies and helps you improve meeting and facility management from anywhere. You can take full advantage of the AskCody booking services, filter and sort your resources, and adapt your schedule whenever.

For more information visit AskCody Mobile App.




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How AskCody integrates with Microsoft Exchange


AskCody stands out as a meeting management software by being built directly on Microsoft Exchange Servers. This connection improves the performance of Teams, Outlook and Power-Bi. The easy integration and adoption alleviate any friction and setback workers have when managing meetings and resources. We make meeting management a frictionless process done in an already familiar interface.

Microsoft Exchange supports and facilitates AskCody’s integration with Outlook, making synchronization, rescheduling, booking, adding services, and managing visitors a seamless process for everyone. You can book meeting rooms, desks, and other services through numerous locations, right inside the common interface of Outlook and Microsoft 365. Meeting management and resource scheduling have never been easier.