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Take your workplace to the next level

Employees waste up to 4 1/2 hours a week to book a place to work, meet or collaborate.

Understand where the excess time goes with this free workplace consultation!

Grab a few minutes with one of our workplace specialists to get a free workplace consultation and quick demo of AskCody.

Together we can evaluate critical opportunities to optimize your workplace and improve employee interactions.

If you're evaluating or rolling out digital workspace initiatives, trying to optimize workspace utilization, or looking for ways you can enhance employee productivity with simple steps, you should request this free consultation. 

In the consultation we cover:

  • What are your expectations of the Modern Workplace? 
  • Get an evaluation of your current workplace technology.
  • "Digital Workspace Initiatives" today heading towards a truly modern workplace.
  • Review of organizational meetings and collaboration pain-points.
  • Review utilization of your meeting spaces
  • Check out how a Workplace Insights tool for analytics and reporting give you the answers you need.
  • Get a walkthrough of AskCody platform and employee-focused meeting tools to empower employees to achieve more.
  • Understand how AskCody scales with your organization using Microsoft 365 and Outlook.
  • Participate in ideation on strategies to facilitate meetings and collaboration in the future.