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See exactly what will happen when you fill out this form 👇🏻

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Hi, I’m Rikke and I’m the Content & Communication Lead here at AskCody.

So, you might be sitting there, right now, thinking to yourself ‘should I really fill out this form? Are they going to spam me and call me to death? And what are they going to do with my information?

If you’re asking yourself these questions, don’t worry… I’ll share with you the exact process you’ll experience once you enter you information.

When you share your name and email address with us, we will provide the latest AskCody news stories directly to your inbox every Monday. In this mail you can easily find an unsubscribe button if you regret signing up. You can also ask us to delete your data at any given time.

When you share you information we’ll store and process it, but we will not call you or send you anything else than the updates you signed up for. You can always find more information by clicking on the data policy link in the sign up formular to your right. Thanks for your interest in AskCody, I’m looking forward to sharing inspiring stories with you.