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Hybrid meeting

Commercial Intern

Denmark (hybrid)



This is who we are looking for

A proactive do-er

Are you ready to learn and dive into the world of B2B Marketing, Sales, or Customer Experience? We are looking for interns to complement our Commercial Team!

You'll get your hands dirty while learning how to create engaging content and improve SEO. Your efforts will help boost our online presence and deliver content that resonates with our customers and prospects. 

We do not expect you to be already an expert in all the competencies needed to tackle these responsibilities. We love steep learning curves at AskCody; we fail fast, learn fast, and believe in leveraging your top talents.

Perhaps, your educational background is a Higher Education, such as Cand.Merc, perhaps you have tried the entire journey before, and perhaps you have all the right skills obtained from another background. We would love to hear from you, no matter which is applicable to you.

What matters is that you are capable of running your own projects and, at the same time, be attentive to the collaboration with others in the organization. You are motivated by learning new things. 

You will be part of a developing journey in an innovative growing company, where things are always on the move. So that you know, we always prioritize good ideas.


The roles entail a healthy dose of getting your hands dirty and as much responsibility as you can handle. Here are some of them categorized by professional area, but you don´t have to fit a box; we can mix and Match to fit what you want out of your internship. There is a never-ending task list, which we help you create and prioritize. 


Creating and executing sales campaigns
Account planning together with Revenue Manager
Community building
CRM maintenance
Join sales and negotiation meetings

Customer Experience

 Ticket handling
Guiding our customers through our content and Help Center. As well as Assist Solution Engineers in their operations

Customer communication
Help create and develop our way of communicating with customers.
Customer Success
Assist customers with insight into their platform usage. As well as assist with guides and help center articles

Specific projects
Be part of a customer project in collaboration with another part of the organization


Assist the Marketing team in executing operational tasks.
Manage LinkedIn social media activities.
Produce written content tailored to our ideal customer profiles.

Analyze and plan relevant content for our target audience.

Contribute to the development and improvement of our persona framework.
Enhance existing website content using SEO best practices.
Collaborate with cross-functional teams within the organization.
Gain a deep understanding of our audience and their buying/customer journey.

Your New Team

  • Your new team exists of 12 full time colleagues and 1-3 students (including you). A nice blend of age, gender, nationality, experience and personality
  • We genuinely value and leverage each other’s talents. Through trust, positivity, collaboration, and continuous feedback loops, we are getting things done
  • An optimistic specialist, with reaseaching and analysing skills could truly optimise the balance in our team
  • We experiment and learn to be slightly better than the day before. (and quote Pippi often....) Both as a team and as individuals
  • Culture and personal development has a high focus, it is embraced and encouraged




Looking forward to meeting you,
On behalf of the Commercial Team, Kim, Jakob & Bas

2021_Team picture_3_days_of_awsomeness-webp-1
2021_Team picture_3_days_of_awsomeness

Ask Who?

A bit about us: AskCody is a leading provider of Meeting Management & Resource Scheduling software; technology that helps creating a better workplace experience. Both Gartner and G2 are ranking AskCody as a category leader in the meeting management space.

We optimize the way people plan to work, meet, focus and collaborate in their workplace, and provide support functions the tools they need to deliver next level business support. AskCody´s SaaS-platform supports companies all over the globe.

We are VC-funded, international, and have an ambitious growth plan about solving significant challenges for enterprise and organizations globally.

We launched the AskCody Meeting Management Platform in 2017, our HQ is in Aalborg, Denmark and Boston, Massachusetts, and have colleagues from a lot of different backgrounds and nationalities. 


  • You’ll be a part of a young, creative, highly motivated team that keeps AskCody buzzing with fresh ideas and innovative solutions that helps solve our customers' core pains and realize their desired business outcomes. We are not “one big family.” We are one high-performance team. We work hard and like to have fun while doing it.
  • We get together regularly at State of the Unions, we work in small teams to ensure everyone's voice is heard, and share wins and losses. We iterate, and we learn and try to keep feedback loops short. We are self-driven and enjoy solving problems with a little bit of chaos and constant change, of course.
  • We drink a lot of good coffee and eat all the snacks we can handle. Most importantly, we work with people we respect and enjoy spending time with, also after work hours.


Flexibility All The Way 

  • Our home turf is our office in Aalborg, but we acknowledge that there are benefits of being in the office and working from home. Work is something you do, not somewhere you go. That means you choose the ideal location to work on the task at hand.  Join us at the office least 1-2 times a week, you will love it, we promise
  • You can start tomorrow, and after an intense 2 week onboarding program, you will land in the middle of a positioning roll-out and a website overhaul, which you will help drive. So exciting stuff right from the get-go!

  • Danish is not a requirement. Your excellent mastering of the English language is more important

Next Steps

  • You are offered an exciting and challenging position, with responsibility, and an opportunity to make an impact in an organization with a flat structure, an informal way of communicating and fast decision-making processes
  • If you could use some guidance on what to focus on in your application, let us know which and why the responsibilities will energize you, what motivates you, and what is important for you to love your job
  • We care a great deal about who you are, and how you would fit in our team, so make sure to show us who you are, it counts just as much as your qualifications
  • If you have questions regarding the position, you can contact Bas van Wijk directly in Danish, Dutch or English --> 

Apply Now

For us to really get to know you; Send us what you think is meaningful as an application -->