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It’s 2020. Run a smart office.


Workplace Central gives meeting managers a central hub for visitor management and internal meetings in the modern workplace.

This strategic meeting management software gives you the power to run a modern workplace with daily events and meetings at-a-glance and all the answers you need about guests and associated services at your fingertips.

Give yourself a complete overview of all the events happening in your modern workplace with real-time data on how meeting rooms are utilized, scheduling information, and catering deliveries status.

AskCody Workplace Central is the nucleus of your smart office.

  • Key features
  • Gain a complete and user-friendly overview of today's meetings
  • Handle all meeting room resources with a built-in intelligent search feature
  • Control and regulate meeting room booking behavior, optimize resources, and improve room utilization
  • Aggregate the most crucial meeting data from Outlook, Exchange and Microsoft 365
  • Combine data from AskCody Meeting Services, Visitor Management, and Insights into one screen

Give Meeting Managers more control

Say goodbye to old and outdated spreadsheets, visitor logs, and sticky notes.

Workplace Central is a modern strategic meeting management software that gives you consistency, insights, and full visibility into your workplace events—in real-time. Easily connect to your Outlook, Microsoft 365, and Exchange meeting rooms.

Dive into Workplace Central’s comprehensive and user-friendly overview of each day’s meetings and workplace bookings. You’re in full control.



Improve the management of meeting rooms and workspaces

Give your Meetings Managers superpowers.

With Workplace Central, your team can better understand how workspace and meeting rooms are being utilized. By aggregating the most crucial meeting data from Outlook, Exchange and Microsoft 365 and combining it with AskCody Meeting Management, Visitor Management, and Insights into one screen, modern meeting management is made straightforward and simple.

Workplace Central handles all meeting room resources and boasts a super-fast, built-in intelligent search feature. That’s a lot of power.


Make data-driven decisions

Your Meeting Managers deserve the best information.

The decisions they make are key to your workplace productivity. Give them the key data they need so they can go beyond gut decisions. Workplace Central allows Meeting Managers to control meeting room booking behavior, optimize resources, and improve room utilization from one single application.

At the same time, everything is integrated seamlessly with Outlook, Exchange, and Microsoft 365.



Achieve so much more with AskCody Workplace Central. One integrated meeting management application for your Microsoft solutions.

Achieve meeting excellence 

Learn how to streamline labor-intensive tasks related to meetings through Outlook and Microsoft 365

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The better way to meeting management with Outlook and Microsoft 365
"Another important thing for us was auditing from the Management Console that you can see what is happening and where it’s happening.”
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Get one integrated cloud platform for meeting and workspace management

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