One meeting tends to produce a whole series of to-do's

In an enterprise, this is costly. Bookings, reservations, spreadsheets, Sharepoint sites, lists, sticky notes, paper logs... 

Research shows that every employee is using multiple hours a week around organizing meetings. Not attending. Just preparing.

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Meetings are a necessary part of the business. The amount of time spent arranging them isn't.

Meeting room management is a minefield of wasted time and tiresome processes. Did you know 40 percent of workers in large organizations say they waste up to 30 minutes a day searching for space to collaborate? On average, professionals spend almost 5 hours arranging up to 15 meetings every week. Most business owners and managers don't even know this since they lack the right tools and insights to tell them.

The AskCody platform is an integrated and comprehensive suite of Add-ins for Microsoft 365 and Outlook. It is an intelligent cloud platform that includes visitor management tools and meeting room displays. AskCody is transforming (and reducing time spent on planning) the way people book and manage meetings, and how organizations get the most out of their workplace. All built on top of Microsoft technologies and seamlessly integrated with Outlook and Microsoft 365, providing an authentic Outlook centric experience.

Finding the right room with the right equipment and occupancy levels is a hassle. Employees lack insight into which rooms are in use, who is using them, why, and for how long. Interruptions are common. Conference rooms sit empty thanks to no-shows while employees search the hallways for a space to collaborate. People forget to look at the calendar; they see that the room's empty, so they think it's free, and once inside, it can be difficult for anyone else to work out who's next without interruption. Interruptions kill productivity; it wastes time and no clear overview of today's meetings, especially waste space and meeting room resources.

That's why we help companies and organizations

  • book and manage meetings and meeting rooms
  • welcome guests
  • handle and accommodate all meeting logistics
  • ensure meetings start on time.

The AskCody platform not only makes it easier for companies to organize meetings but reduces interruptions and optimizes meeting space utilization. AskCody helps organizations improve the output and outcome of meetings. With AskCody, it's a new and better way to work.


We focus on creating a happier, more convenient, more productive modern workplace, while optimizing resources and reducing interruptions. AskCody eliminates the tedious aspect of everyday tasks that zap productivity and waste precious time. We fight to win the battle of the meeting room.”

A flexible workplace environment with the right management tools is the key to future success.

Tools that help users book and manage desks, huddle rooms, meeting pods, and conference rooms efficiently and with a constant overview save companies thousands of dollars per day in lost productivity. Making decisions without access to key metrics is just guesswork. When you don't know, you can't act. AskCody delivers a data-driven platform that improves the entire meeting experience.

The AskCody platform simplifies

  • meeting scheduling
  • conference room booking
  • resource booking
  • visitor management
  • handling of daily questions at the front desk
  • reduction of office friction
  • overall meeting effectiveness

All aspects of the business that have long been recognized as beleaguered tasks, hurdles to productivity, and a waste of resources. We eliminate useless gatherings and make better use of limited office space while helping business owners make smarter decisions to maximize utilization of today's modern workplace.

The AskCody Meeting Management Platform gives managers workplace utilization and performance data in the full context. Insights are displayed in beautiful dashboards where users can pull the metrics they need to make informed decisions about meeting room space, conference rooms, hot desks, and other organizational resources. With AskCody, users can dive deep into conference room activity with daily reporting for the key performance indicators such as meetings and occupancy, no-shows and ghost meetings, duration, and attendees.

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AskCody gives you a data-driven platform that accommodates and improves the entire meeting experience