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For this product update bundle, which is coming out by the end of next week, we put together a handful of improvements for AskCody Room Displays.

. This bundle consists of four parts:

1) Default meeting subject for ad-hoc bookings

2) Ad-hoc custom booking durations

3) Facility information view

4) Faulty equipment reporting BETA

Why is it important to have a default meeting subject for ad-hoc bookings?

The purpose of ad-hoc booking (a not scheduled in advance, spontaneous meeting on the spot) functionality on the AskCody Room Displays is to assist the employees within the organization to quickly and easily book a room for a spontaneous meeting, or a quick call. In that moment when you simply need a meeting room right there and then, the last thing on your mind is to come up with an appropriate meeting subject. Therefore, the mandatory meeting subject field while booking an ad-hoc meeting will be removed. Any ad-hoc meeting subject will be shown as ‘occupied’.   

Why are ad-hoc custom booking durations important?

With this bundle comes more configurable ad-hoc booking functionality, where you can create custom duration intervals to choose from when booking the room directly from the screen. In addition to that, you can also configure if you want to have the date picker on your Room Display, thus deciding whether scheduling meetings in advance should be possible from the screen. 

Improvement value 

You can adjust your AskCody Room Displays to your organization’s meeting culture and booking behavior. With this update you can align specific purpose rooms with the custom ad-hoc booking durations. Rooms meant for short ad-hoc calls can have shorter duration intervals, whereas workshop rooms might need substantially longer duration intervals. No one knows your meeting culture better than you do, and now you can improve that experience.

Where to find it? 

This function will be shown only if your AskCody Room Displays configuration has booking on the screen enabled. Underneath the latter, four duration fields will be displayed, along with the date picker option.  

Why is facility information view important?

There are many things the naked eye cannot see. By the later principle it might not be enough to simply run into the room and know every piece of equipment there is. This is particularly relevant when it comes to identifying software you need for a specific meeting.  

 skype for business


Improvement value 

With the facility view on your AskCody Room Displays, you can see the list of equipment in the room, including software such as Skype for business, Airtame and Cisco WebEx. Every equipment you add to your room will be shown, thus this improvement is directly connected with the Workplace Add-in.  If you have both AskCody products – you are good to go! If you only have AskCody Room Displays this improvement unfortunately will not reach its full potential, as there will be no equipment to display. In addition to that, facility view will also show the capacity of the room, as well as, the equipment and room purpose descriptions.

Where to find it? 

This feature will not be enabled automatically for customers with Room Displays. Facility view feature can be enabled under the Room Display configuration right before the theme selection.

Why is faulty equipment reporting important?

How often do you end up with holding a meeting in a room, where something is wrong with the equipment you plan to use? How long do you have to wait until a video conferencing equipment is fixed after not functioning for weeks? How often do you receive a message about equipment being broken within a room? With this feature you will improve the way equipment is maintained by empowering your employees to report issues with equipment that influence their meetings and by increasing your maintenance efficiency. 



Improvement value 

Things happen. They do.

It is crucial to deliver your employees the working conditions you have promised them, however it is difficult to know everything that happens in your building at all times. What if you could get a message about a specific piece of equipment being missing or broken, in a specific building and a specific room? You will no longer need to do reoccurring long maintenance checkups. Instead, let the requests come to you. With the facility information view and faulty equipment reporting enabled, your employees will be able to report a faulty equipment directly from the screen. When you know where’s the problem, you can take action immediately. 

There will be four pre-defined types of issues to report:

  • Missing: not present, absent from the location
  • Not functioning: equipment does not function as expected, core functionalities do not work, even though there is no external damaged to the equipment
  • Broken: something that is physically damaged and that can be identified externally
  • Performance issues: degraded appearance, poor function quality, does not live up to the standards

All the employees will need to do will be to go to the Room Display, open the facility view, select a piece of equipment and choose one of the four issues to report.  

Today+ faulty equipment report use case-08 

Where to find it? 

You will find facility contact field under each location in the Admin Center. Enabling facility information view will be possible under any Room Displays configuration. Report faulty equipment feature will be under Room Displays configuration, right after enabling facility information view.

Last but not least  

The faulty equipment reporting feature is in Beta version to support its core purpose. If you have feedback on how to make it better, or you would like to share the experience of how the feature worked for you, please contact your CSM and don’t forget to subscribe for the future product updates.

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