General heads up for existing and potential Visitor Management system’s owners.

By General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law taking place on the 25th of May 2018, there is AskCody product-related news we would like to introduce to you.




What is the purpose of GDPR?

The ground principle of GDPR is to give the inpidual control over their personal data. Meaning that if any personal data is stored in any form, the inpidual, at any given moment, has rights to:

• Access that data

• Correct any related personal information

• Actively provide consent for any company or organisation to process that data

• Completely delete any traces of their personal data (with specific exceptions)

How does AskCody comply with GDPR?

As the Visitor Management Portal is mainly handling external visitor’s personal information, resources were assigned to focus on ensuring data control and security on a different level, as well as, risk assessment and extended encryption of any personal data within AskCody’s systems.

By redesigning the Visitor Management Portal, we assured compliance with GDPR and immensely improved our visitor management system establishing the following:   

A strong foundation of security and privacy compliance

• Reduced possibility for person’s identity exposure.

• Protected accuracy and integrity of the data.

• Enforced diligent procedures for data security.

• Assurance that data is handled exclusively with an authorised objective.

• Established authentication and single sign-on with Azure Active Directory and Microsoft accounts.


A simple and easy visitor experience

• Real-time update of application’s user interface.

• Real-time communication between Visitor Management Outlook Add-in, check-in screen and visitor management front-end.

• One step check-in process for pre-registered/expected visitors.

• Three step check-in process for not registered/unexpected visitors.

• One step visitor registration through the Outlook Add-in.

Privacy by design 

The Visitor Management 1.0 is built on the principle of privacy by design, when the primary focus is to include privacy features and functionality into products and services from the first design phase, securing that only the required personal data is collected.

To protect personal data of all visitors using Visitor Management services, we at AskCody spend the past year establishing appropriate measures of fully eliminating risks of endangering visitor’s privacy when the data is collected and processed.

This is the reason why we created AskCody profile account. This account’s sole purpose is to give visitors full control over their personal data. Therefore, new Visitor Management processes will slightly differ from what current Visitor Management users are used to do.

Visitor Management 1.0 in a nutshell

To ensure accuracy and information credibility, the anchor of the new Visitor Management add-in will be the meeting. Meaning that to get the most out of your Visitor Management Portal, users will need to create a meeting for the visitor and their visits. Thus, if the visitor is visiting for multiple days, their meeting should span over several days for the visitor to correctly appear in the list as an expected visitor. This and other underlying logic on the way front-end manager will work in the Visitor Management 1.0 will be elaborated in webinar sessions we will offer before the release of this product version. 

Follow our product blog to read about specific changes in the Visitor Management Portal and it's components. 

AskCody visitor account 




To ensure accuracy and integrity of the data, each time a new external visitor will be invited to a meeting, their temporary personal account will be automatically created. That account will hold the necessary personal information for the visitor to be able to check-in, which is their full name and their email address. The visitor will have the full control over that data and will be able to add other information about themselves such as the company name they are coming from, their telephone number and similar. The temporary account will be deleted 24 hours after the end of the scheduled meeting if the visitor does not consent to the creation of the permanent AskCody profile. The same procedure of creating a temporary account will be repeated each time the visitor gets invited to a company using AskCody Visitor Management. Therefore, it is highly recommended for recurring visitors to create the AskCody permanent account.

Migration of exciting customers  

For current Visitor Management customer migration process from the current Visitor Management to the Visitor Management 1.0 should be seamless, as this will be done automatically for every customer. We will contact the customers, for whom initial migration process might not be sufficient.

Due to the mandatory AskCody profile account creation, all expected visitors registered in the Visitor Management Portal for visits happening after the 25th of May will have to be registered again after the release of the new version. All expected visitors should be registered through the Add-in. This will require either opening scheduled meetings and sending the visitor lists through the Add-in or creating meetings/appointments for the visits that are not yet registered with that information.

Training material and Webinar sessions

In week 20 AskCody will be arranging webinars, taking one Visitor Management component at a time. The schedule of all webinars will be sent out/posted on the product blog in week 18-19, where everyone interested will be able to sign up for the relevant topic. We strongly suggest all of our customers sign up for the webinars, as we will pe deep into the features, functions, and processes Visitor Management 1.0 will support, answering each and all of your questions.

Big change, but an even greater impact

We are excited to present you the results of the hard work we have been doing for the past year. We hope you will be open for collaboration, training, webinar sessions and asking questions, as well as, providing us with feedback so we can continue to improve our products.

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