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We have a significant update to the AskCody Platform. We have started the process of rolling it out, and you should get on this train too!

What is it all about?

The definition of a workplace is changing – influenced by the ongoing digital revolution, digital transformation and a shift to non-traditional workspaces – fostering a team-based collaborative culture and spaces designed to enhance productivity and creativity is becoming critical to businesses’ success now more than ever.

The work environment in today's modern workplaces and offices around the world is transitioning from static to versatile and dynamic workstyles.

So, to support the new workstyles in today's different workplaces and office environments around the globe, we have some significant changes and updates coming, making the AskCody Platform an even more comprehensive Meeting Management and Workplace Booking platform for Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft 365. 

In today's modern workplace we see three individual workstyles that define how people use their workplaces.  

The Fixed

The classic workplace approach. Level of abstraction - people book a place to meet. Trust is put on one/a few persons to manage and/or oversee everyone’s meetings in a centralized system.

At the "Fixed" workplace, the static work environment is still present as employees have their own offices, desks or cubicles. When people need to book a place or room in the office that is not their office, they schedule a "meeting" for a place to meet. 

These workplace or meeting bookings are often centrally managed, and trust is put in a few "managers" who have the control and power of the workplace and the meeting rooms. 

The Open

The level of abstraction - people book a place to focus or collaborate. Trust is put on an individual to manage their meetings in decentralized systems.

At the "open" workplace, transformation has begun towards a more collaborative mindset and workstyle. People work in open offices or floorplans, still having their desk or access to desks that by habitual choice is often the same place, located in the same area. People now book rooms or spaces to either focus or to collaborate, and the workplace supports a variety of different places with different context and purposes. To manage this, intelligent systems and workplace technology assist people to manage their meetings, supported by business rules and policies.    

The Activity-Based

The level of abstraction - people book a place to work. Trust is put on systems/technologies to seamlessly and intelligently manage/oversee people’s meetings/activities.

In the Activity-Based Workplace, people work wherever they choose to, based on their task, job, activity, team, or location for that day. Work is no longer a place you go to; It's something you do. People start their day by choosing a place to work. The employees manage workplace bookings in intelligent systems, that allow them to book what they need, from whatever device they want, or claiming a place, with systems sensing employees’ presence and scheduling or reserving the resource for them.

The AskCody commitment to creating a better workplace experience

At AskCody we are on a mission to create a better workplace. Why? Because in everything we do, we believe in creating a better workplace experience for employees and organizations. We believe that we can empower and amplify operational efficiency and collaboration. We believe that we can drive innovation in organizations globally by facilitating seamless and frictionless interaction between people in today's office.

We do that by designing and developing solutions, that empower organizations and people to manage workplace bookings and support people in booking a place to work, meet, focus or collaborate, that support all organizational units in the workplace, that are user-friendly, comprehensive, simple and which IT departments and users love.

That, we're committed to do and achieve. 

So, to support the new workstyles in today's different workplaces and office environments around the globe, we have some significant changes and updates coming, making the AskCody Platform an even more comprehensive Meeting Management and Workplace Booking platform for Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft 365.

The Workplace Central

Introducing Workplace Central  - the new center of meetings and workplace bookings in the AskCody Management Portal. 

This will be one central hub or place to go for everything related to meetings, events, and workplace bookings. AskCody Workplace Central gives you an overview of today's events and meetings at a glance and provides you with all the answers about meetings, guests and associated services at your fingertips.  

With the Workplace Central, Meeting Managers or all others in charge of managing meetings will have a complete overview of what goes on, including:

  • How their meeting rooms are utilized in real time
  • When and where meetings are happening
  • How many attendees have accepted the invitation
  • What equipment is in the room
  • When visitors arrive
  • Are there any services to be delivered for the meeting
  • Are those deliveries confirmed by the service vendor



The Workplace Central aggregates the most crucial meeting data from Outlook, Exchange and Microsoft 365 and combines it with data from the modules Meeting Services, Visitor Management, and Insights in one screen and a straightforward overview. As a result of this, AskCody allows Meeting Managers to take control of meeting rooms and workspaces, and are giving them the superpowers to understand how the workspace and meeting rooms are used right now. 

How do you get access to Central? 

The Workplace Central can be found in the product menu in the Management Portal with a Workplace Central user role. We are rolling it out in batches, and Workplace Central will be available in fully GA-mode January 1st.

If you, like us are impatient and want to try the Workplace Central in Preview already, reach out to your Customer Success Manager and get an early access today!

The Workplace Add-in for Outlook and Microsoft 365

As the workplace is changing and the workstyles too, so is the need for booking a workplace resource: a conference room, a huddle room, a hot desk or a workstation. It's no longer enough to support meeting room booking. We must support reservations and bookings of all resources in the workplace.

That's why, the RoomFinder for Outlook and Microsoft 365, is going to be relaunched as the Workplace Add-in for Outlook - The Add-in that supports booking a place to work, focus, meet or collaborate.

 RoomFinder is now Workplace


Workplace, Meeting+ and Welcome+ are getting new icons, to keep the consistency and one flow among the add-ins.

New icons for Workplace, Meeting+ and Welcome+


Besides the changes of the name and logo, we're also going to change how "workplace resources" are being managed in the Management Portal. You will now be able to manage all workplace resources in AskCody no matter if it's rooms, hot desk or workstations. 

To update from RoomFinder to Workplace, the Add-in manifest and VSTO add-in must be redeployed. Remember to add Workplace add-in domain name to the trusted site list after redeploying it, if you have advanced security settings. The Workplace Add-in for Outlook and Microsoft 365 is available from January 1st, however, we have started targeted releases, meaning that some of you might notice a few changes in the management portal before the official release date.  

To get the most out of your AskCody Platform, we urge you to push the update in your organization, as it is closely related to improved logging, error handling and improved user experience.  

The new Workplace design

Another great addition to the Workplace launch, is the update to the AskCody Basic theme for your meeting room signage modules. With this theme your Room Displays will now have beautiful flat design and system fonts included. If you are not running on AskCody Basic theme, try it out and see it for yourself. Simply switch to AskCody Basic theme on your Room Display configuration, which is available in every customer’s set up.  

Let us know what you think!

We hope you enjoy the new updates. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager is ready to get you going on the new features and possibilities, so don't hesitate to reach out. 

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