Feature Releases in January 2017


First of all Happy New Year!

A new year means a lot of new cool features from AskCody... let's start with the first five new features here we have launched so far in January!

Pssst... We have so many nice things cooking right now in the AskCody development department, and a lot of long-time requested features will soon be released.

I can't wait to tell you all about it soon! :D Stay tuned!


Releases in January (so far...)

1. Improved user flow in Meeting Services Add-in

By moving the quantity field in front of the item line, the field is more visible and make it easier to remember to indicate the number of items wanted. 

Meeting+ Flow


2. From Order information to Tax Information

A much better distinction between what's related to the AskCody interface and what's standard Tax information required from the "finance department." In the Meeting Services Add-in the naming of Order information is changed to Tax Information. 



3. Faster and more stable AskCody software 

We've changed and added a lot of things in our Exchange Infrastructure to make the AskCody software faster and perform more stable across all Outlook and Exchange versions - From Exchange 2010 til Exchange 2016 and Online.


4. AskCody 💙 LG signage displays

We have played and tested the new URL-launcher in the LG signage displays for Meeting Room displays, and is works so smooth! Now even without installing the additional App that you used to do.

5. Automatic scroll on Meeting Dashboards

It is now possible to have a scroll on your Meeting Dashboards. Do you want to show more calendars or events than the screen allows, this might be the feature for you!

Standard configuration in ActivityView

New call-to-action

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