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For this product update bundle, we put together two improvements for Service Providers in the Meeting Services Portal. After the release of this bundle, Service Providers will be able to see:

1) Total number of people in the meeting

2) Delivery item history


Why is the number of people in the meeting important? 

Have you found yourself wondering how many glasses you should deliver to the order that contains a coffee pot? How often are you fully confident that there will be enough utensils for each of your meeting attendees?

Improvement value 

With the indication of the total number of people in the meeting, service providers will acquire necessary information to deliver requested items and their additional belongings to the exact number of people they will be used by. This eliminates the risk of overloading carriers with additional items, and in the case of missing utensils, the risk of going back and forth between meeting rooms in the search of an equivalent substitution for the missing item.

Where to find it? 

This information will be found at the bottom of the meeting information section in the delivery detail view.


Why is the delivery item history important?

In order to provide a good service, you must know exactly what you need to deliver. Change in the quantity of items can also apply different discount offers, which is important to keep track of. Companies with external delivery providers will know the struggle of communicating individual changes of each order, whether via telephone, email or in person.

Improvement value

With the item history for individual order, delivery providers can easily keep track of removed and newly added items, as well as individual item quantity changes. This improvement assists the service providers to align their weekly plan and adjust the preparation for individual orders.

Where to find it?

The item history will be displayed below the delivery items section in the delivery detail view.

Last but not least

We intend to communicate future updates through this channel, therefore we encourage all AskCody product owners, manager portal users, and anyone who uses the AskCody Platform to subscribe to the product update blog. This way you will know about the incoming updates and get insights about improvements.

We strive to get better at what we do, and for that we need feedback from you. If you wish to share your experience please contact your CSM.

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