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Another week in AskCody universe resulting in a product improvement for you! 

This week’s improvement is closely related to the recent product update posted a couple of weeks ago. Refresh your latest AskCody product update news here.

This update is about the possibility to customize the information and data you want to download in a CSV file for your financial settlements in the Meeting Services Portal for Catering or Facility Services.


Why is custom CSV important?


As of recently, the Meeting Services Administrators and service providers (Canteen, Office Manager or Facility Service) can add a lot more information about individual items. The possibility to extract that information through a custom CSV file is finally here, enabling crucial information sharing between organizational units: from delivery providers to accounting and financial department.


Improvement value

By selecting specific information in your CSV file download, you accommodate the needs of your organizational units responsible for handling all costs related to deliveries from internal and external providers. Information about what VAT/Tax rates apply to each item in a delivery for an internal meeting can now be easily extracted, saving time for your accountants, who would have looked for that information manually or had to play around in Excel Spreadsheets to add it afterwards.

Custom CSV download feature provides an opportunity to get a lot more information about individual deliveries, that can also be used by services providers to support internal canteen administrative processes. Use custom CSV file to keep track of most ordered items over the week, months or for the past year!


Where to find it? 

The possibility to select different types of information to be downloaded in your CSV file can be found in the Meeting Services Portal, under each individual settlement, right next to the standard download button.


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