5 new features for February 2017

Hello there,

What an exciting month! Our developers have worked their b*** of to create a bunch of new features that are released this month. They are superb, and we're sure you're going to like it.

We have chosen 5 of the new features in this mail, that we believe will have an enormous positive impact on your company's usage and utilization of the AskCody services.

Among other things we have given the Meeting Room displays a facelift, we have improved the user experience in the Visitor Management Add-in and made a new iOS signage App.

Take a look - We can't wait for you to see it!

Last month most impactful feature releases

1. New facelift for the Meeting Room Displays

We have turned up the volume of the font size and made all buttons like "Confirm," "End" and "Extend" larger and more visible.

Today+ pictures

Today+ pictures


2. Visitor Management Add-in update when booking on behalf of your colleagues in Outlook

When booking in the name of a colleague or booking as a personal assistant in Outlook, you often need to be the one to receive all notifications related to a specific meeting! This is now possible in the Visitor Management Add-in. The perfect feature for all PAs working with the Visitor Management Add-in in Outlook!

Picture: Cecilie is booking a meeting with 3 attendees on behalf of Allan. One of the attendees is going to be an expected guest in the building, and Cecilie needs to be the one to get the notification from the Visitor Management Portal when the expected guest arrive in the building. With the new update, it is possible for Cecilie to choose herself as the one to get all notifications, even without adding herself as an attendee for the meeting.

Welcome+ picture new features


3. New and improved iOS Signage App

Do to old and outdated software in our old Signage App for the Meeting Room Displays and the Visitor Management Check-in screen, we have made a totally new and very cool iOS App. Check our blog to see if you should install the new app or you can keep using the old one. Take a look anyway -It looks SO good!

All the already installed "old" AskCody App is still good enough and works for all the iPads with the Meeting room Display and Visitor Management Check-in screen software. This means that you don't need to rush out and reinstall the new App, to keep the AskCody software running. However, in the long run, we can not guarantee that Apple will support the old App.

Check out the App in App Store here


AskCody Signage app


4. More detailed information on cost in settlements in Meeting Services Portal.

When creating a new settlement in the Meeting Services Portal it is now possible to see the total amount of all deliveries in the chosen time period, directly in the portal and not only in the CSV file.

Meeting+-picture new features


5. KPIs only visible in relevant lists in the Visitor Management Portal.

The KPI metrics is now only shown in the "All check-ins" list. Do to the size of the KPIs and their relevance, we have chosen to only show them on the "All check-ins" list.

Check-in screen

New call-to-action

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