We Accelerate Global Availability with the Microsoft Office Store Launch of Key Office 365 Apps

With the constant demand for increase in office and workplace productivity, AskCody® is now changing the way meetings and all associated items and resources are booked and managed across organizations and locations – All inside Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office 365.

Aalborg, Denmark, June 15 - Meetings are a necessary part of business, but what isn’t necessary is the amount of time spent arranging them. For organizations with a lot of meetings, meeting rooms and especially meeting rooms located across locations and time-zones, finding an available room and booking of associated services can be a nightmare for employees.

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AskCody® is changing that with the new meeting management suite with RoomFinder™ and Meeting+™, based on Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Outlook. The Add-ins come as integrated booking tools improving productivity and efficiency when booking meetings in Outlook and are now available in the Office Store. AskCody® provides the flexibility users need to stay productive and hence effectively and efficiently manage their time and activities in a modern workplace. Now companies can ditch 3rd party applications or the use of other cumbersome processes like email, phone calls or even sticky notes to book meeting rooms or services.

Workplace lets employees search for and book rooms or other resources like “hot desks” based on availability, for meetings the number of attendees, purpose of the conference and in-room equipment. Employees can search for rooms that suit the purpose of their meeting (e.g., Video Conference or Internal Meeting) or search for meeting rooms with the right facilities or capabilities.

Meeting+™ is best described as a “webshop” for Outlook that lets employees book and manage meeting services like catering, additional meeting room equipment, cars, or other resources. People can now book what they need inside Outlook, and the kitchen or facilities management instantly knows exactly what, when, and where they need it delivered. All the assigned resources like catering, AV and telepresence, table arrangement and more, follow the meeting if it is rescheduled.

It’s one of our customers’ biggest concerns and requests to have everything regarding meeting room booking and meeting room management integrated well with Office 365 and Outlook to maximize productivity in the organization. Customers are telling us that a flexible workplace environment with the right management tools is key to their future success AskCody® enables and empowers employees to manage meetings and meeting rooms with ease, all inside Outlook and Office 365,” said Allan Mørch, CTO & Founder, AskCody®.

"Innovative solutions like AskCody, RoomFinder and Meeting+ will help our joint customers dynamically find the right space with the right equipment at the right time much more efficiently," said Rob Howard, director, Office 365 Ecosystem, Microsoft.

About AskCody®

AskCody® creates a happier, more convenient and more productive, modern workplace, while optimizing resourses and reducing interruptions. The product suite simplifies meeting scheduling and streamlines conference room booking and management - all aspects of business that have long been recognized as nightmares, hurdles to productivity and a waste of resources.

For more information please contact:

Steffen Mørch, President AskCody, Inc., steffen@goaskcody.com / +1 305 924 8010

Allan Mørch, CTO & Founder, allan@goaskcody.com / +45 98 13 10 94

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