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The better way to meeting management with Outlook and Microsoft 365

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Learn how to achieve what you wanted to accomplish with Outlook and Microsoft 365 in the first place with an integrated meeting management application for your Microsoft solutions.

Outlook and Microsoft 365 operate along two dimensions when it comes to meetings:

  • Availability of attendees
  • Availability of rooms

But, meeting scheduling is so much more than attendees and the place to meet.

It's a lot of to-do's, manual micro processes and related tasks that are not supported natively by Outlook or Microsoft 365 out of the box and that involves a lot of other vital parts of the organization like Facilities Management, the Canteen, the Reception, or IT.

Therefore, Outlook or Microsoft 365 is often insufficient and not enough to manage meeting scheduling and workplace bookings as you want to.

But, what if you could get Outlook to operate along all dimensions of meetings? Including all the vital parts of the organization?

With AskCody Meeting Management for Outlook and Microsoft 365, it allows you to accomplish everything you needed to achieve with Exchange and Outlook in the first place by merging all manual processes of meeting scheduling into one flow inside Outlook.

 The better way to meeting management with Outlook and Office 365-1


Having an integrated meeting management platform, providing you with a one-stop-show for meetings inside Outlook you:

  • Get access to the availability of all attendees through Outlook, Microsoft 365 and Exchange.
  • Get a full overview of all meeting rooms, their capacity, and their features across all your locations and at different time zones inside Outlook and Microsoft 365 
  • Make customized settings for your service vendor items (catering menu, preferences and ordering deadlines, table arrangements, AV-equipment), availability of equipment at your locations, and bill your respective cost center directly, leveraging user information from Active Directory)
  • Register guests for the front desk leveraging the meeting attendee information, to keep track of today’s visitors

Learn how to achieve that in this ebook.