11 Ways to Optimize Front Desk Resources and Improve Visitor Satisfaction

Want to improve your reception? Here's 11 easy to implement and effective tips.

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Have you ever considered the amount of more important tasks your front desk resources could be focusing on instead of manually tracking the day's visitors?

Are you missing information: 

  • Who is coming? 
  • When your visitors are coming? 
  • Where they need to go? 
  • Who they will be meeting with? 
  • How long they will be in your office? 

What is more, all the tedious task like registration of guests, guest logging, NDA signing, printing of guests passes / name tags and notifications to the host are done manually at your front desk? In this eBook you'll learn how to optimize all of these processes with a visitor management system and thereby free up time in the reception.  

Optimize front desk resources e-book

What you'll learn:

This eBook shows you how to optimize resources at the front desk while providing a better experience for external guests. With a visitor management software you can:  

  • Create a great first impression of your building / office 
  • Improve security with digital solution 
  • Allow self-registration and instant employee notification  
  • Ditch manual processes 
  • Provide check-out by smartphone 
  • Send text message to employee / host when the guest arrive 
  • Improve security by keeping track of all visitors 

Download this eBook and learn about the 11 ways visitor management and office life is improved with a virtual visitor management system integrated into your Outlook and Microsoft 365 calendar.