11 Easy Ways to Improve Meeting Processes


Learn how to win lost productivity back with these 11 easy improvements within meeting processes.

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Have you ever realized how much time is wasted on meeting booking processes across your organization?

You properly know the feeling: what in theory should be a simple task ends up taking several hours when it comes to booking a meeting.  

Meetings are a necessary part of doing business, but there is so many tedious tasks to prepare the meeting, such as:  

  • Inviting the guests  
  • Booking the appropriate conference room  
  • Ordering food/catering  
  • Arranging for guests to be picked up them at the reception  
  • Preparing invoice for the cost center 

Suddenly you realize that the 1-hour meeting is now a 3-hour preparation task. Is it possible to improve this process and make it easy and smooth? Of course, it is! 


Guide on 11 Steps To Improve Meetings


What you'll learn:

In this guide we cover the main productivity killers and give you 11 easy to implement steps to optimize the cross-organizational communication around meetings.  

Here is a sneak peek what an integrated meeting room booking system brings to your company: 

  • No more paper-based booking methods  
  • Handle meetings changes and cancellations automatically  
  • Never worry about double booked meeting rooms  
  • Instant vendors notification if the meeting is canceled, rescheduled, or moved  
  • Strong first impression of your company due to well-organized meetings.  
  • Save time for all meeting room users  

Your organization will undoubtedly benefit from an integrated meeting room booking extension software. Meeting room management processes have a direct impact on your overall performance and financial standing.  

Download this guide and learn how you support your organization with the tools to optimize meeting processes across organizations.