We’re excited to announce our partnership with ScreenCloud!

A new week, a new awesome partnership!

We’re excited to announce our partnership with ScreenCloud - a cloud-based digital signage app that helps businesses to send awesome content to screens. Digital signage is too complicated and expensive for many companies. ScreenCloud is on a mission to educate and empower these companies, to ensure that no screens are left blank, running out of date content or playing the TV news on mute.

ScreenCloud - put your content on screens

Through ScreenCloud, businesses are able to power up screens with rich content such as images, videos, presentations, social media, world news, stocks, currency information and dashboards. Including AskCodys meeting room dashboard linked to the company's Outlook Calendar, to display what goes on inside the meeting rooms.

ScreenCloud helps you ditch the clunky hardware, expensive media players and cranky IT guys. Allowing you to easily set up rich digital signage displays, on consumer-grade hardware, using simple CMS tools like apps, playlists and schedules. 

ScreenCloud - Create a playlist and a schedule

Through ScreenCloud you can also power up your AskCody meeting booking systems onto the screens, tablets and kiosks around you.

That’s right! As a partner of ScreenCloud you can find the AskCody meeting room dashboard Meeting Dashboards in the ScreenCloud App Store, ready to help transfer your most important office management system into your physical location.

To start your 14-day free trial of ScreenCloud (no credit card required) head to https://screen.cloud/signage and check it out for yourself!


We are super proud to announce our new partnership with ScreenCloud - a digital signage cloud-based platform that makes it really easy to get great content up onto screens. In the below, we do a little Q&A with them to find out what digital signage is, why it’s important and how it could help your business.


What is digital signage?

Digital signage is effectively the act of playing content on screens. It’s traditionally used for advertising, but is more recently becoming part of the office stack in order to show messages, key information, advertising and social media.


Why is digital signage important?

According to Jim Freeman at the Telegraph Media Group, in 1970 the average person saw 500 marketing messages a day. In 2016 they see 7,000 marketing messages a day. That’s a whole lot of noise.Screens are all around us and they attract attention - just think about how many you’ve seen today alone. 63% of people report that digital signage catches their attention, that’s significantly higher than TV, internet and billboard advertising.

When is it used?

Digital signage is everywhere - in offices, receptions, lobbies, tradeshows, boardrooms, stores, restaurants and bars. It’s a huge market - we’re surrounded by blank screens just begging for great content!


What does ScreenCloud do?

ScreenCloud is the easiest way to get videos, images, web and social media content up onto your screens. We believe that getting beautiful content up onto screens shouldn’t be difficult. Creating and adding content, changing the schedule - it should be as easy as uploading a blog post, or sending a tweet. Whether you have one screen or 100.

ScreenCloud helps companies to ditch the clunky hardware, expensive media players and cranky IT guys. Allowing anyone to easily set up rich digital signage displays, on consumer-grade hardware, using simple CMS tools like apps, playlists and schedules.

Why is ScreenCloud worth using?

We believe that if something is easy, people will do it. Screens and displays are hungry for great content - as are your audiences. All of your ideas and content can be managed with ScreenCloud’s simple Digital Signage software - in one simple, online interface that can be updated in real-time and managed from anywhere.

Our ScreenCloud signage platform allows you to create playlists of content and schedule different content to show at different times. Drag and drop your files and we’ll help optimize them for your screens.

We also have a full App Store that connects you with great platforms just like AskCody. This allows you to add all of your most useful information to the screens, tablets and kiosks around you.

How to add AskCody Meeting Dashboards to ScreenCloud?

To add AskCody Meeting Dashboards to ScreenCloud you have to:

  • Sign up for AskCody here
  • Connect a calendar service (Outlook, Microsoft 365) to the AskCody Account (learn how here
  • Create an Meeting Dashboard (Learn how here
  • Then copy the URL of the Meeting Dashboard you wish to display in ScreenCloud and go to your ScreenCloud content page. 

How can our customers find out more about you?

We offer a 14-day free trial for all users at https://screen.cloud/signage, you can also follow us on Twitter where we share content and marketing tips at @screencloud.

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