Make your office screens intelligent

The following post is a guest post from Airtame, the creators of wireless HDMI dongle that plugs into TVs and projectors. With Airtame plugged in, everyone can connect wirelessly using just an app from PC, Mac or Smartphone

Is this room taken? When is the next meeting? Who’s coming to this meeting?

If this sounds familiar, it’s probably because these are common questions during a day in almost any office. Everyone is struggling to keep the meeting room efficiency up.

Another efficiency area in offices is the misutilization of those dark, turned-off office screens that are hanging everywhere in offices.

In our view, AskCody has the answer for both challenges.

Smarter screens and no cables

At Airtame, we think it’s about time that the world starts throwing out cables and adapters in offices.

We think it’s time for a smarter way of collaborating. We think it’s to time utilize all those flat screens hanging around your office.

In short, we believe that it's time to go wireless.

Our wireless HDMI dongle that plugs into TVs and projectors is our answer to your needs.

With an Airtame plugged in, you can actively stream your computer screen to a larger screen or a projector, to share your screen with your colleagues. When you are not actively streaming, you can customize Airtame’s default background to display relevant information.

Airtame <3 AskCody

Keeping the above in mind, it’s a huge pleasure for us to kick off a partnership with AskCody.


By combining our two products, your blank TV screens will become valuable assets.

We have already tested this setup in our office for a while now, and it has been a big relief.

It’s about time that you make your office screens intelligent

To take the first step, you just need two things:

  • Sign up for AskCody 
  • Order your first Airtames through this link (there is a special discount waiting for you)


Steffen Hedebrandt


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