How Meeting Management Software is a Strategic Investment in 2020

In this day and age, meeting management software is not just a nice-to-have, but a must for enterprise organizations—especially those that are wasting time and money, eroding productivity, and damaging morale as they cobble together solutions or scrape by on old, overbuilt meeting programs.

Stop wasting valuable time planning, hosting, and attending inefficient and ineffective meetings. Instead, let’s take a minute to explore why meeting management matters, the business benefits of meeting software, and what to look for when it comes time to make this strategic investment in your future.

What Exactly is Meeting Management Software and What Makes it a Strategic Investment?

What Exactly is Meeting Management Software and What Makes it a Strategic Investment?

Meeting management refers to the process of facilitating all the moving parts that make up a successful meeting—all the way from securing the space beforehand to making insight-based improvements afterward. Neglecting any step in the meeting management process can lead to ineffective gatherings that drain morale, hurt your brand reputation, and require even more meetings to sort things out.

Meeting management software aims to simplify this process so that businesses can improve performance, control costs, and instill procedures for pulling off meetings that are both effective and efficient.

Unproductive Meetings Statistics


And making meetings more effective and efficient is more than just a perk—it’s a strategic investment.

Why? Because employees are spending close to a quarter of their working hours in meetings. If those meetings aren’t fully productive, just think of how much all those wasted hours and waning morale cost your organization.

There’s plenty to be saved—and even gained—by organizations who make the strategic investment in meeting management software. Let us prove it to you.

The Big Business Benefits of Investing in Meeting Management Software

Improved productivity, better control over costs, effective collaboration, and more—investing in meeting management software results in plenty of big business benefits that add up to serious dollars and cents for your company.

Make an All-Around Professional Impression

We all know the adage “first impressions are everything”—and it certainly holds true even in the business environment.

The way your business prepares for, conducts, and follows up after meetings says a lot about you to outside visitors. You want invitees to feel welcomed by prepared spaces and staff, have all the resources and refreshments they need, and leave feeling they’ve enjoyed a professional and productive meeting.

Better Utilize Expensive Office Space

Do you have rooms that sit around all day not being used? Or, worse, how about meeting spaces that are booked but then left empty? Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence among large organizations—one that costs both money and productivity.

On the flip side, but just as detrimental to productivity, are double bookings and “room sharks” who occupy meeting spaces that are booked by others.

Meeting management software helps eliminate both extremes so everyone can better utilize office space.

Improve Cash Flow by Resolving Expenses Quickly

It’s not just the space and the salaries that’ll cost you when it comes to meetings—all the incidental expenses certainly add up.

Many large businesses have complex invoicing processes where paperwork bounces between divisions before finally getting approved and paid. If your organization hosts several meetings a day, the number of invoices can really complicate cash flow.

Meeting management software helps meeting managers consolidate preferred vendors as well as get invoices pushed through the process, approved, and paid more quickly.

Increase Employee Productivity Across the Board

For meeting managers and hosts, planning and participating in meetings gets complicated fast—and these complications take up time that could be spent on more productive activities.

Meeting management software that’s been designed to deal with these complications helps planners spend less time on repetitive, manual details and more time participating.

Meeting management software also holds big business benefits for attendees. Because it helps planning go more smoothly, it also helps meetings themselves go more smoothly by making sure all the necessary resources, instructions, and follow up measures are in place.

In fact, management consulting firm Fiduciaria Mega gained back 50 percent of the time they were spending organizing board meetings when they made the strategic investment in meeting management software. They also cut paper costs by 80 percent and increased security with their new, digital meeting solution.

Keep Visitors and Resources Secure

Web attacks increased by 56 percent in 2018 alone.

The importance of cybersecurity grows by the day—especially for enterprise organizations. Digital meeting management software makes meeting resources available online and adds a layer of security that keeps them out of the wrong hands.

In addition, smart software makes it easy to keep track of visitors so that they and your own staff are always safe.

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Improve Company-Wide Collaboration

Better meetings are better attended—which leads to a more engaging and collaborative experience.

With meeting management software, hosts can add value by booking the right equipment, sharing resources ahead of time, and making finding the meeting space quick and easy so that everyone’s ready to participate and knock down departmental silos that stifle progress.

Features to Look for When Making Your Strategic Investment in Meeting Management Software

It’s clear that meeting management software is a strategic investment for cutting-edge organizations. If you’re ready to rise to that rank, here are the key features to look out for when shopping for software.

Easy Room Searching and Booking

Invest in meeting management software that allows you to easily search through every meeting space; sort by purpose, available resources, capacity, and other special features; and then book it right then and there.

In-Line Service and Equipment Ordering

Ordering and scheduling the delivery of refreshments, equipment, and resources for meetings is almost always cumbersome, time-consuming, and riddled with repetitions and errors.

Investing in meeting management software that facilitates vendor communications and delivery in-line removes friction and increases productivity for meeting planners and attendees alike.

In-Line Service and Equipment Ordering

Elegant Visitor Check-In

Make life easy on your reception professionals by automating the sending of important meeting notifications and details, getting security clearance, printing guest badges, and even the entire check-in process when visitors arrive.

You also want to make sure your front desk has a view of guests in the building at all times for security purposes.

Elegant Visitor Check-In

At-A-Glance Room Status

When employees can check the status of meeting spaces at a glance, operational efficiency will improve, friction will subside, and they’ll be empowered to spend time in productive meetings instead of running around planning them.

Quantifiable Insights

Make the most of meetings with software that allows you to quantify and act on insights from them.

Great meeting management software gives you data on meeting space occupancy, no-shows and ghost meetings, meeting duration, and attendees. These insights help organizations optimize resources and capacity, improve room utilization, and overall better manage meeting spaces and bookable resources.

Quantifiable Insights

How to Make Your Best Business Investment Yet

Meeting management software is a wise strategic investment—as long as you choose the best option for your organization.

How can you be sure you’re choosing the best software to improve meeting management and achieve overarching business goals? By downloading a buyer’s guide that walks you through the eight steps to selecting the right meeting management solution for your organization.

Don’t let meetings manage you.

Download our buyer’s guide and finally find the meeting management solution that takes the frustration out of facilitating meetings, helps you take excellent care of guests, and delivers actionable analytics so you can keep making the experience better every single time.

Free E-book: Feel confident with your meeting management solution

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