Don’t underestimate digital transformation. Digital transformation is enormous. Monumental. Pervading every corner of companies. Businesses are pouring trillions of dollars into it. But what is it?

In many ways, it sounds like one more business buzzword we can add to the list along with phrases like “growth hacking,” “ideation,” and “corporate synergy.” That’s because digital transformation is significant and amorphous, and means different things to different companies. But its significance should not be underestimated.

At its simplest definition, digital transformation is the use of technology to transform business operations into more efficient processes. But it is much more than the integration of new technology. Digital transformation is a cultural shift within companies that results in the embrace of not only digital systems, but also experimentation, learning, and, yes, sometimes even failure. The result is a fundamental change in how business is done, improved customer relationships and customer value, and better business outcomes.

The nebulous walls of digital transformation make many company executives nervous. Because the concept does not fit into a neatly packaged box, there are common myths that make many CEOs, CTOs, and CIOs prefer to keep digital transformation at arm’s length. But watching an emerging business technology trend play out from the sidelines has never benefitted a company.

We are going to look at those myths and help debunk them so you can make a more informed judgment on the importance of digital transformation and how it fits into your company.

Myth: Digital transformation is too expensive

Reality: According to a 2017 Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey, 64 percent of CIOs say their CEOs want the IT department to focus on making money as opposed to saving money. Today, IT is the driving factor behind business innovation. With the right planning, undertaking a digital transformation strategy should never break the budget, and it should pay off in dividends. Implemented correctly, ROI will happen quickly.

Consider meeting management. Did you know employees spend an average of 30 minutes a day searching for and booking conference rooms? Spread out throughout the entire company that is a tremendous amount of resources and labor that could be better spent on actual business tasks. That means a simple investment into a single digital meeting management solution would save a company of 1,000 people 60,000 hours a year by helping users find and book meeting rooms in as little as two taps of the screen and a few seconds.

Users can filter by room size, available equipment, floor location, and other specifications. They can even order catering and A/V equipment and other special accommodations right from the platform. As we all know, time is money, and digital transformation will save time by the truckload.

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Myth: Digital transformation is too much work

Reality: Digital transformation does not have to be a complete overhaul of every existing system right away. Companies approach the concept of a digital transformation at many different paces and phases. Organizations can dip their toes into digital transformation, like creating a new customer-centric Twitter account to increase and improve customer touchpoints. Or it can be a major project, like implementing an entirely new CRM system. Ultimately, though, digital transformation will actually eliminate work by automating manual tasks, making life easier for everyone. Employees will be freed to focus on more important strategic work while the technology handles everything from meeting and visitor management to customer relations.

Myth: Digital transformation requires too much training

Reality: Any time a new technology system is integrated, some training is required to assure user adoption throughout the company. The time taken to train employees is returned many times over once new systems and strategies are up and running. Some of today’s most powerful systems are user-friendly enough to be mastered within a few days or even a few minutes of training. Ultimately, digital transformation is about getting cultural buy-in from the entire company to ensure pervasive use of any new technology system and enthusiasm for the new strategy.

digital transformation training

Myth: Digital transformation sounds too high tech for my business   

Reality: Digital transformation done right fits everyone. It is up to you to find the right strategy that suits your company's unique needs, employees, and customers. There is tremendous danger in sticking with the status quo. Consider how quickly businesses like Amazon disrupted the retail world. Those that did not promptly embrace an online marketplace lost customers faster than a toupee in a hurricane.

Use technology to redefine your business

Digital transformation can be highly visible. Utilizing technology platforms such as Twitter and Intercom for better, most constant customer communication and branding takes place entirely behind the scenes, such as process digitization and worker enablement, to help transform operational processes.

Why Should AskCody be a part of your digital transformation?

In the end, digital transformation is as much about making employees’ workflows easier and more streamlined as it is about improving the bottom line. When considering the tools and technologies that will save time, increase productivity, and streamline processes, look at AskCody. AskCody’s meeting room management and visitor management solutions eliminate the tedious, time-consuming tasks of everyday office life.

Save time planning meetings

AskCody’s meeting management lets users search for meeting rooms, guest offices, and hot desks across every office location and time zone. Users can filter their searches based on room size, capacity, and in-room equipment. This delivers them the full picture of every available space in seconds. Employees can book catering, A/V equipment, and other services directly through the interface in just a few clicks. Because AskCody is fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft 365, your employees do not even have to launch a new application to nail down the details for their entire day.

digital tranformation benefits

Automate the visitor process

The AskCody Visitor Management systems let users add guests' names directly from their Outlook or other calendars of choice. The system automates the entire guest check-in process with an elegant touch screen process and automatically prints name tags when visitors arrive. Everything is fully GDRP compliant, and in compliance with ISO 27002 on Information Security, so no one worries about privacy or data security. And the front desk always has a full overview of all guests in the building at any time, including unexpected guests, which adds to office security and visitor safety.

Finding and executing the right approach to digital transformation for your company will be – well – transforming.

Find the right meeting management solution with ease.

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