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Tina Eaton 12/10/19 2:00 PM 16 min read

Dunder Mifflin's Office Security Policies Were Hot Garbage

Most people already know they’d want nothing to do with a job at Dunder Mifflin. The ...
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Tina Eaton 11/21/19 2:00 PM 20 min read

How AI and Analytics Will Revolutionize the Legal Profession

Necessity really is the mother of invention. In 2016, Stanford University student Josh ...
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Tina Eaton 11/19/19 2:00 PM 14 min read

4 Workplace Security Threats You Can Address With Visitor Management

In today's world, there are dozens of daily threats to your company’s safety. That’s why ...
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Tina Eaton 11/5/19 8:00 AM 22 min read

Flexible Workspace vs. Dedicated Office: Which One Is Right For You?

Work and the nature of where and how it’s done has changed a lot in recent decades. Where ...
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Tina Eaton 10/22/19 4:23 PM 11 min read

The Hidden Link Between Employee Retention and New Technology

When you think about employee retention, does your mind go to things like in-office ...
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Tina Eaton 10/15/19 2:00 PM 2 min read

Infographic: Millennials vs. Gen Z in The Workplace

For years, Millenials have been the butt of the joke—the slackers and the entitled ...
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Tina Eaton 10/8/19 2:00 PM 16 min read

Law Firm Economics: Better Meeting Management Can Improve Bottom Line

Law school prepares lawyers to practice law, but it often doesn't teach lawyers how to ...
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Tina Eaton 9/24/19 9:02 AM 11 min read

The Morale & Productivity Spiral: How Office Inefficiency Kills Firms

Inefficiency in the office causes more than just slow progress and wasted salary dollars. ...
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Tina Eaton 9/3/19 2:00 PM 12 min read

20 Awesome Meeting Management Tools You'll Never Want To Live Without

We live in an age where there are hundreds, if not thousands of tools that can help ...
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Tina Eaton 8/20/19 2:00 PM 15 min read

Avoid Double Booking Rooms: How to End Meeting Mixups in Microsoft 365

How often has this happened to you? You spent all weekend prepping for a presentation to ...
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