Microsoft released Bookings in March 2017 and it has since proven itself as a great tool to structure and optimize room and resource booking. Work life will be much easier for both customers and employees with the flexibility, convenience, and control that is provided by Bookings. They can visit your unique and custom booking page whenever they want, book the room and services they need, get a confirmation email and calendar invitation, and if need be reschedule or cancel their appointments. For customers who prefer to book by calling you, simply enter their contact information and preferences in Bookings and let the system take care of confirmation and reminders. 

Especially shared office spaces will benefit from the easy-to-access Bookings Page, where they can book meetings and services in shared calendars, without worrying about accidentally sharing sensitive information.   

Meetings booked from Bookings

Scheduling meetings using Microsoft Bookings is very easy and removes the hassle of creating a user and then having to log in every time. You simply publish your Booking Page and share it with both customers and employees. 

If you are new to Bookings, we recommend you watch this short video: 


You have control of all settings related to booking of your rooms. Anything from price type to opening hours is completely in your hands. All the bookings are send directly to the calendars you connect to Microsoft Bookings and will appear as meetings just like you are used to in Outlook. 

How AskCody enhances the practicality and value of Microsoft Bookings 

Since Bookings uses the Exchange infrastructure to handle all the bookings, the integration of AskCody into Bookings is very similar to the integration of AskCody into Outlook. All meetings from Bookings can be displayed on the AskCody Room Displays and Meeting Dashboards and all meeting data can be collected and analyzed by AskCody Insights.

With AskCody for Microsoft 365 and Bookings, Room Displays, Meeting Dashboards, and Insights can enable cohesive and seamless digital collaboration. This will connect the digital and physical workplaces and provide the tools you need to stay in control and provide your organization with the frictionless daily office experience.

With AskCody's integration into Booking, we give you the exact same features and functionality as with Outlook, so can stay connected and get the visibility you need in your organization.

You will see your workplace in full context and get an insight into both current and real-time utilization of how your office is being utilized. With AskCody for Bookings, you still get the ability to "confirm," "end," "extend" or "cancel" meetings right from the Room Displays or to provide that complete overview and visibility with Meeting Dashboards.

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