How can you use AskCody's platform to facilitate a safe return to the office?

We are now seeing more and more companies in preparation mode for the re-opening of the physical facilities. Here is our contribution to get the most out of your AskCody Platform.

This is a list with some practical tips on using your AskCody platform to prepare for the “Post COVID-19” workplace and get into the mindset of securing your office space and making all your employees and visitors feel safe in your environment.

Check-out the list, or enjoy the video:

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1. Mobile app: A powerful tool to find and book a desk or room on the fly

  • Use the app to book a desk in advance or upon arrival at the office
  • An alternative to putting QR codes or availability indicators on desks
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2. Establish neighbourhoods of desks to make it easy for employees to book where they prefer to sit

  • Cluster by location
  • Cluster by purpose

Our webinar "Best practice for naming locations and resources" will show you best practices. 

See webinar

3. Know who has been in the office

  • Use visitor management to track employees
  • Ask guests to fill out a form
  • Search Exchange calendars
The webinar on visitors will teach you how to search for check-ins

See webinar on Visitor Management

4. Adapt your Meeting Services to cater the new needs

  • Extra cleaning? Hosts can book cleaning of rooms
  • Utilize buffer time to both ensure proper time between bookings and prevent people huddle outside your meeting rooms

5. Lower the capacity of rooms across locations... 30 seconds

In the AskCody Admin Center it possible to set an allowed capacity on all meeting rooms on a location, reducing the capacity of meeting rooms by a percentage when searched for in the AskCody Bookings Add-in.

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6. Deactivate rooms or desks for a period of time

Simply swipe the Status button from active to inactive in "edit resource" in Admin Center. 


7. Use Dashboards for a simple overview of available desks

The AskCody Dashboard does not only show which meetings or activities are taking place right now, later, and where it happens, but it can also be used for desks

How to create a dashboard

8. Insights: Understand usage and optimize the workspace.

  • Understand the demand for desks and rooms.
  • Monitor while going back to the office.
  • Optimize the use of your office space.
What is Insights? (Video)
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9. Want to know more about how Covid-19 will affect the way we work and use our offices?

 We all look forward to meeting our colleagues at the office again. It has been a topic in numerous interactions with our customers, here´s what we learned...

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