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The Meeting Management Platform for Outlook and Microsoft 365

AskCody is a Meeting Management and Resource Scheduling Platform, that’s driving meeting efficiency through advanced Meeting Room Booking, Meeting Services, Visitor Management, and Workplace Insights helping organizations and employees manage meetings smarter.

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“We found that AskCody had the most modern and seamless platform.  Very clean tie-ins to Exchange/Microsoft 365, self-service and scheduling is simple for our end users, room signage looks great, plus they are very knowledgeable. Highly recommend AskCody in case anyone else is in this same boat we were in.”





AskCody is named one of the market-leading vendors of the Meeting Room Booking Systems category by G2 Crowd


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You can use the G2 Crowd Grid® Report for Meeting Room Booking Systems | Fall 2020 to evaluate the market-leading vendors in this category. Here you in a transparent way look at data based on real users assetments of the solutions.

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AskCody is named one of the market-leading vendors of the Meeting Management category by Gartner

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Managers and Executives can use the Gartner Market Guide to compare market-leading vendors or Resource Scheduling and Meeting Management solutions to select the tools that make finding and reserving space and services more efficient for employees.

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