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Can IntelliTerm be configured to automatically login to a server?
Yes, this can be achieved by creating a macro and associating it with the specific IntelliTerm profile that is to automatically login to the server.

Following is an example of how to create an autologin macro to connect to a UNIX system. The macro assumes that no data needs to be sent before receiving a login prompt:

  1. Connect to the server using the profile to be used, the select Edit from the Macro menu and create the following macro:

    Sub Main
    'The next line supplies your account login name to the server.
    'Replace "username" with your account name.


    'The next line is the prompt that your server sends out for the user to enter the account
    'password. Replace this with the prompt used by your server (eg. "word:")


    'The next line supplies your account password. Replace "password" with your actual account password.

    CurrentHost.Keys LoginID+"\n"
    While InStr(CurrentHost.Text,PasswordPrompt)<=0
    If i>MAX_ATTEMPTS Then End

    If(i>MAX_ATTEMPTS) Then
    MsgBox "Autologin failed"
    Exit Sub
    End If

    CurrentHost.Keys Password+"\n"
    End Sub

    In the Macro Editor, select Save from the File menu to save the macro to a file, e.g.: c:\mymacros\autologin.wwb

    Close the Macro Editor

  2. Select Edit Session Profile from the Options menu in ntelliTerm Select General and set "Autostart Quick-Key/Macro" to the full path of the autologin macro you just created (in our example this would be c:\mymacros\autologin.wwb). Then click on Save to save this new setting to your profile.

Once you have done this each time the profile is started it will automatically run the macro created and proceed to automatically login to the server using the account information specified in the macro.

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